What’s Your Interior Design Style?

For over a year, we have spent more time at home than ever before. Our days and nights, our work and leisure have been confined to four walls, and for some, it still is. It has affected the way we behave, communicate and even how we view our living space.

For some, our once-loved pieces of furniture and accessories have now become less meaningful. For others, the space that we live in doesn’t match our current aesthetic and personality, which turns out, makes us feel slightly uncomfortable.

Can you relate to either of these two statements?

If that’s the case, you can do something about it! Changing some aspects of your space will make you feel more in tune with your surroundings and thus more comfortable overall. That’s why we have listed six different interior design styles to help you figure out which style of home will make you the happiest.


The Industrial interior design style takes inspiration from the factory/warehouse style. This type of interior design style will feature elements such as concrete, metal and wood to resemble the industrial look. It will also usually include exposed beams, high ceilings, pipes, brick walls and cool neutral colours, giving it more of a raw look.

A house or flat with an industrial design will, on the one hand, look minimalist (uncluttered) but also use recycled or reclaimed materials to give it its edgy aesthetic.

Even if this design includes clean lines and simple decor, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own unique touch. In fact, the industrial look will even have some features that give colour to the room. For example, you could add a painting, a feature wall or an extravagant armchair that juxtaposes the natural wood and metal elements.

An industrial interior design style bed room


Minimalist style is the idea that everything you have in your home has a purpose and function. If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be there. It’s also a way of living. If something brings you value, then embrace it; if it doesn’t, don’t pursue it.

So, it’s no surprise that the minimalist aesthetic is extremely basic, uncluttered and full of clean lines. This type of interior design style is similar to the modern style but much more restrained.

With these spaces, there’s usually a lot of natural light. The colour scheme has to have similar tones and focus on whites, creams, greys and pastels. This aesthetic style doesn’t focus on colour so you may want to use different textures to break up the monotony.

Again all the furniture and decorations you would like to include in the flat should have a purpose. So, if you’re looking to make your space minimalist, then only pick things that you’ll need; no distractions and no clutter. To gain a minimalist interior design style, less is more.

A minimalist interior design style drawing room


The coastal design, as the name suggests, takes inspiration from the beach house look. This means big airy windows, natural woods, linen and seagrass.  To achieve a comfortable and relaxing environment, the coastal style uses colours such as sand and white as well as shades of green and blue.

You can usually find accessories inspired by the sea, such as seashells, navigational maps, ropes, driftwood; whatever is related to the beach and the nautical theme.

Much of the furniture in a coastal home is usually beige or white. You can also find a lot of wood, either light or dark, depending on personal preference. Finally, dashes of colour, such as blue and green, will be seen on patterned cushions, rugs, paintings and other types of decor and home accessories.

What you want to achieve with this style is to make your home as light, bright and airy as possible, bringing the outdoors inside.

A coastal interior design style bedroom


Scandinavian interior design style focuses on simplicity. It’s about functional furniture, uncluttered space and natural lighting. This type of aesthetic is also based on the clean lines, modern features and soft hues. The Nordic style will usually use contrast in a space; where there is a lot of white, they will add a dark decor to make an impactful statement.

Very similar to a minimalist interior design style, the Scandinavian aesthetic will focus on functionality and decluttered space. However, this design also wants to create a cosy and comfortable environment or, how the Danes call it, hygge vibes. This can be achieved through wood decor, curtains, candles, rugs, throws and different fabrics and textures.

The Nordic interior design aims to make you feel relaxed and cosy by creating a simple but comfortable home.

A scandinavian interior design style reception


Farmhouse design is all about the appreciation of rural life and the desire to replicate it. A home with this style must feel warm, cosy, comfortable and natural. That’s why it uses a lot of natural elements such as wood, metal and stone, as well as white colour tones.

Also, nothing has to perfectly match. As opposed to a modern or minimalist concept, farmhouse will have furniture and decor that is both new and vintage, a mix of what you already have and want to get. The space is also more cluttered than a modern design but in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The main goal of the farmhouse style is to amalgamate simplicity, functionality, history and personal touches. What you are trying to achieve is a sense of homeliness and comfort.

A farmhouse interior design style kitchen


Bohemian or ‘boho’ is a way of living. From the way you act, the way you dress to the way your home looks. It’s about being free-minded and free-spirited, not complying with the rules of contemporary society.

Likewise, with the bohemian interior design concept, there are no rules. It’s about bringing your personality and passions into your space. You’ll usually see bold colours and patterns, different textures and natural elements.

The bohemian aesthetic will include items collected throughout the years as well as second-hand or vintage furniture. It also features rugs, paintings, floor pillows, plants, objects from your travels and different types of lighting.

You can add whatever makes you feel good. What’s important is that every piece says something about you. It must feel like a cosy, interesting and inviting environment where you can be your true unconventional self.

A bohemian interior design style hall

What’s Your Style?

Today we focused on some of the most popular interior design styles out there, ranging from colourful bohemian to uncluttered minimalism. Through this blog post, we hope we have helped you get a better idea of what fits your style and inspired you to make your living space your perfect home.

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