Homes Under the Hammer

Homes Under the Hammer is the BBC's most successful ever show in the 10am slot, with a 30% share of the morning television market. Since May 2003, the renovation and auction series features not only homes but also commercial and industrial properties which are bought at auction - they often require substantial improvements. The simple format has remained unchanged throughout the show's 14-years, as the purchased properties are refurbished and then revisited by the presenters to check how t...
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The O2

The O2 Arena is one of London's premier venues for massive live stage performances. It's bigger than New York's Madison Square Garden and the Manchester Evening News Arena - accommodating 20,000 people - and has become the best-selling arena in the world, attracting more than two million visitors each year.   Design The O2 was originally built at a cost of more than £800 million as part of the UK's millennium celebrations. The impressive white Millennium Dome op...
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Based in Guastalla, northern Italy, the global home appliance manufacturer Smeg is renowned for its iconic range of high end domestic appliances. Recognised as being tasteful and traditional in style, their products complement the home's ambience and style. The company bases its success on attention to detail, with the design and materials aimed at ensuring the appliances take centre stage in the home rather than blending into the background. This is achieved through the internal design st...
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Chanel is a global phenomenon: a brand with origins in early 20th century France that is arguably the world's most famous fashion and fragrance house, retaining its classic sophistication while remaining on trend with its new innovations. The Chanel brand is synonymous with timeless, sophisticated designs - such as the little black dress and trademark classic suit - and of course famous fragrances, including the iconic Chanel No 5 associated with glamorous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. ...
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The Orient Express

The long-distance passenger train, the Orient Express, is a name associated with luxury travel, intrigue and opulence - largely thanks to being featured in one of legendary author Agatha Christie's most famous crime novels, Murder on the Orient Express. The original Orient Express was created in 1883 by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, providing a long-distance passenger service. It had several routes, although the two cities most commonly associated with the train are Constantino...
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Richard Branson

With a single A-level to his name, Richard Branson created his first magazine as a teenager in the 1960s with £300, starting from a basement. Given these humble beginnings, he was perhaps an unlikely publisher - dyslexia hampered his education. His headmaster told him he would either end up being a millionaire or in prison. When Branson the student needed money, he launched a mail-order business – and Virgin Records was born. A shop opened in London’s Oxford Street by 1971, followed by the...
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Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo plays for top Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid. He has broken many records during his distinguished career. Not only was he the first footballer in history to win four European Golden Shoes for being the leading goal scorer of the season, he also set a record in 2007/08 as a Manchester United player, when he scored 62 goals for his club. Continue Reading