Muhammad Ali

Heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali is one of the most iconic sporting legends of all time. With a career spanning more than 21 years, the American professional boxer was named the greatest 20th century athlete by Sports Illustrated, and voted Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC. Born on 17th January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, Ali’s birth name was Cassius Clay. He began to train as an amateur boxer when he was 12 and showed remarkable promise from the start. Aged just 18, he was vic...
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Mr Selfridge

London's world-famous department store, Selfridges, was the subject of the ITV drama series, Mr Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven as the American entrepreneur who founded the business more than a century ago. Selfridges opened for business in Oxford Street on 15th March 1909, after Harry Gordon Selfridge recognised the need for such a venture in the historic area.