Black Friday 2019: The Shoppers’ Guide

Black Friday 2019 is due to take place on 29th November – when shoppers can pick up some of the biggest bargains of the year, if they know where to look! The annual mega-sale is the biggest consumer event of the year, when you can pick up some massively discounted products across the board.

If you want the best bargains, you’ve got to be prepared. The deals on offer are expected to be largely dominated by consumer electronics, such as televisions, mobile phones, laptops, smart devices and gadgets. With hundreds of offers out there, it’s important to know where to look.

Black Friday Sales

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In 2018, it was reported that UK sales growth was greatest in November. Analysts attributed it to Black Friday – when consumers spent a massive £1.23 billion over the weekend, up to Cyber Monday! This year is expected to be just the same, with Cyber Monday, on 2nd December, offering more bargains.

If you intend to make the most of the highly discounted Black Friday products, it’s important that you tackle the day with a plan in place, rather than setting off randomly, with little idea of where you’re going. So, just how can you gain the advantage when it comes to the consumer bargains on offer?


Have a plan

If you’re intending to wake up at your normal time, stroll to the high street or shopping mall and pick up some bargains, you might need to have a little rethink. As soon as the sales are announced, start to plan what you intend to buy. Know where you’re buying it from and what time you should be lining up in the queue. If you’re after one particular item that’s being offered with a huge discount, rest assured many other people will be after the same item too!

The safest approach might be to pick a store with a familiar layout, where you’ve shopped before. Set your alarm early, so you can hopefully beat the crowds by getting there before anyone else. Bear in mind some shoppers are prepared to queue overnight to get what they want – so it depends how desperate you are for that bargain!


Resist impulse buys

As soon as the shop doors open, you’ll be exposed to the temptation to buy lots of things that you don’t need! You must stick to your plan, in order to resist the urge to make impulse buys – possibly going home with a number of “white elephants” that you don’t actually want or need.

Don’t blow your whole budget on impulse buys – exercise self-control instead and stick to your budget by buying the things you actually set out to buy.


Understand the offers

If you’re undecided whether to shop in-store or online, make sure you understand what each option offers. If you read about massive “doorbuster” sales – with unbelievable discounts on high-end products, such as gaming systems and top-of-the-range TVs – the offers are normally valid only if you show up at the store in person.

As the sales are announced in advance, read up on what’s available, so you know exactly what’s going to be in-store, or on the website. That way, you won’t be sitting at home on your laptop, wondering why you haven’t been able to buy that bargain 50-inch HD TV!


Get alerts from stores

Over the years, an increasing number of companies have been changing their approach by either running the Black Friday sale over multiple days or running count-downs, with various bargains on offer before the big day. Make sure you get alerts from your favourite stores, so you know what’s happening when.

You can usually do this by following the stores on social media. The notifications will alert you to the best deals as soon as they happen. The alerts can also help you to decide whether it’s worth your while going to the physical stores or if it’s better to shop online instead.


Use an app

There are plenty of apps to be downloaded that are targeted at Black Friday fans. Some apps will compile all the great deals in your area and send alerts to your mobile phone in the run-up to the event. Others will keep track of all the best coupons on offer or will track your store reward points. Remember that every little helps and the app could become one of your biggest allies.


Shop big first

Black Friday will offer some amazing discounts on certain items – but when it comes to other items, there will be better sales at a different time. Look for the biggest discounted items first – for example, if you’re looking for consumer electronics, you’re likely to get a great deal on Black Friday. On the other hand, if you’re after new winter boots or a coat, it’s more likely you’ll find a better discount in the sales afterwards.

Other smaller products, like toys, are likely to continue to be discounted right through December, in the run-up to Christmas. Just don’t think you have to buy everything at once.

If you miss out on the bargains you were after on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday to look forward to, when you can pick up the last of the discounted goods from the weekend. It can be a great way to stock up on Christmas presents or to treat yourself to that special something.

If you could share your 2018 Black Friday experiences on our reviews platform, this would really help others to get a better idea of where to shop and what to expect in 2019. For example, did the retailers live up to your expectations – or did you feel let down? Did your online purchases arrive on time, were they late, or worse, lost in the post?

Let the sales begin!

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